Through years of composite products producing experiences, YMA have manufactured over 45 million rackets. We utilize own formulated resin and special structure design to reinforce strength, control, and lightweight carbon fiber rackets. Therefore, we successfully help lots of athletes to reach world championship titles.
TENNISYMA continually improves the carbon fiber tennis rackets design, utilizing breakthrough formulation resin nano CT & GS to increase strength and durability. It carries out numerous tests to enhance players’ performance at all levels of play. YMA also dedicate exclusive design of patents that improve features, such as twist racket and taper shaft that reduce wind resistance. We wish every single swing is perfect for our users.
BadmintonWe use high modulus carbon fiber, CNT, CNF and different materials to improve badminton rackets that offers more control, strength, lightweight and eco-friendly. As well as help players effectively perform at all skill levels. YMA had successfully produced rackets help professional players to reach the world championship titles in Olympics and international tournaments. Squash & RacquetballUsing mixed carbon fiber technology in creating squash rackets with features of impact absorption and stability to allow players hit a more precise shot and prolonging players’ endurance in best condition during a longtime match.
Pickle ballOur newest Pickle ball models, improving the perfect blend of power & control by using high performance materials of Nomex and polypropene honeycomb core, graphite, and glass fiber with basalt which help worldwide pickle ball players to boost the game performance to win the competition.