E-bike Due to our superior R&D capabilities, YMA was first to the market with the launching of the Carbon e-MTB open model for both BOSCH & SHIMANO power systems. Our e-MTB is representing high stiffness, lightweight and diverse systems, which brings more comfort as well as allowing the riders to cover long distance ride. E-Bikes generate a rich variety of utility in the biking industry, thus, YMA is planning to develop gravel and full suspension e-bike to complete our e-bike line.

YMA is dedicated to designing full carbon road race bikes that feature both performance and aesthetics. We apply our own formulated resin and special structure design that support many cyclists, such as Cadal Evans, Olympic Champion Greg Van Avermaet to repeatedly win world championships. Driven by these achievements, our team consistently to focus research on lightweight and high stiffness bikes for our clients.

We help our clients to build up mountain bikes that is comfort, better traction, and advanced control in rugged terrain. Through applying new resin and rich experiences in structural research, we continuously achieve high strength and stiffness requirement. YMA aim to offer the best range of mountain bikes which make our riders stand out from the crowd.

  • YMA has unique technology for badminton shaft.
  • YMA utilizes own formulated resin and special structure design that reinforces functions.
  • YMA uses high modulus carbon fiber, such as CNT & CNF and different materials to improve rackets that offer more control, strength, lightweight and eco-friendly.

  • YMA has a patent on exclusive design such as twist racket and taper shaft that can reduce wind resistance.
  • YMA offers our unique resin satisfying various requirements and specifications.
  • YMA provides customized service to design rackets for different ages.

  • YMA has high-standard testing equipment to have the quality control strictly.
  • YMA has best resin for squash, so there’re 40% squash rackets made by YMA in the world.

  • YMA gives many core materials (Honeycomb- Aramid fiber &PU) and offer customized service.
  • YMA provides newest Pickle ball models and uses high performance materials, such as Nomex and polypropene honeycomb core, graphite, and glass fiber with basalt that improve the perfect blend of power and control.

YMA is capable of producing carbon boosts plate, ski pole with our exceptional pre-preg and high standard of quality control. Manufacturers that choose carbon fiber over fiberglass or other materials prefer its exceptionally low weight and incredible rigidity. Carbon fiber is a big part of manufacturing touring skis for which extra durability and rigidity are a must.