Producing composite product requires fiber and resin. As the pioneer of resin innovation and formulation, YMA not only can formulate resin but we have also 50 years of practical knowledge and experience in large scale manufacturing of composite products with polymers and resins. We use our world-class expertise and experiences across multiple polymer platforms to integrate cutting-edge science, design, manufacturing excellence and processing technology to give shape to smarter ideas for today and tomorrow.
We support a global network of composite experts who work with customers throughout the value chain to develop innovative solutions in automotive, robotics, consumer goods, sporting goods, healthcare and more. Through collaboration, we can take time, cost and risk out of the product-development cycle so that our customers can innovate with confidence.
New Resin Developments

HTP-510FR:Universal fire-retardant UL94-V0 classified, high TG, halogen free,high stiffness and low deformation.
Nano-CT:Extra 15% impact durability improved than regular resin formulation,better strength, better elongation, lower modulus.
Nano-GS:With GRAPHENE, the world’s thinnest but hardest material, the resin has extraordinary crack-prevent performance, better strength, better elongation, high transparency, high electrical conductivity and high thermal conductivity.