High Performance Epoxy Resin System
At YMA R&D center, we are proud to have a team of over 60 skilled and seasoned professionals, including staff and engineers, who possess extensive knowledge in product development, material research, and analysis. Our expertise in these areas enables us to conduct comprehensive research and development initiatives, guaranteeing the excellence of our products from ideation to launch.
Years of Carbon
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Carbon Bike
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We have been collaborating with our partners for many years, leveraging our cutting-edge carbon fiber production technology and development expertise to create a diverse range of exceptional products. Our close partnerships enable us to deliver innovative solutions that meet the unique needs of our customers and stay ahead of industry trends.

Carbon Bikes

YMA partners with brands to help them win champions, relentlessly innovating in carbon fiber bike design. We exceed standards for ultralightweight, stiffness, and strength, prioritizing performance, quality, and durability to deliver exceptional bikes and surpass client expectations.


Carbon Rackets

With over 45 million rackets crafted, we stand at the pinnacle of carbon fiber racket manufacturing expertise. Our proprietary resin blend combined with distinctive design guarantees rackets that are not only lightweight and robust but also deliver unmatched control — a hallmark of championship performance.


YMA is at the forefront of composite product structural science across all sectors and applications, with engineers and designers you can rely on.

For the past decades YMA has been helping clients to improve their structural design to achieve stronger, more durable and the most importantly safer products for the consumers. We provide specialized technologies in materials usage and structural science to create products that the consumers rely upon. From rackets to automobiles, YMA has been developing high performance and safe composite products for building a better life.

Carbon Fiber Product Design : Elevating Innovation Across Industries

Our experienced experts in product design, fulfill our clients’ expectation with innovative design and sophisticated technology.
YMA is putting decades of creativity and adopt advanced techniques to help our customers succeed with innovative products that improve the performance while reducing the manufacturing cost. Examples include YMA e-bikes that uses both Shimano and BOSCH power drive system. Our patented twist structure and taper shaft for rackets, golf shaft and fishing poles. The ultra-light weight and strong carbon fiber walkers and rollators for seniors and also propellers for drones.

Empowering Success with Carbon Fiber Expertise: Comprehensive Consultation Services

Our expertise and global reach help promote safety and quality products and solutions. YMA have over 60 experienced staff and engineers in R&D center which is capable of not only product development but also composite material research and analysis. Offering cutting edge technology & optimized manufacturing process in carbon fiber composite to our clients.

About YMA

Established in 1968, YMA is a trailblazer in composite materials. Decades of expertise drive innovative solutions, making us a pivotal contributor to the industry's evolution.



Investing in our team's continual development, we ensure industry leadership and innovation. Equipped with knowledge and resources, we deliver exceptional products, exceeding client expectations with unwavering commitment to excellence.



Our seasoned craftsmen, masters of composite materials, uphold high standards in every product. Unmatched in carbon fiber product production, their commitment ensures high end quality products that exceed client expectations consistently.